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Stan – Thank you so much for the incredible donuts.  My friend had told me that I had to have this and she was right!  It was such a hit and everyone just loved them and enjoyed the whole experience.  The bags were so great and I appreciated all of your hard work in creating them.

Thanks for everything!

Missy H.



Thank you so much for the wonderful donuts.  They were a huge hit.  Everyone was talking about how incredibly delicious they were.  You were such a pleasure to work with.  I very much appreciate the time you spent working with the Bowling Hall of Fameto ensure we would be able to enjoy your donuts.  If you should ever need to give out references, please feel free to give our name out.
Thank you again for making our son’s Bar Mitzvah that much more special.

Marcene M.


Dear Stan,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  What a fabulous addition you made to our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah celebration!!  You were SO very accommodating, easy to work with and FUN to have around!

Your donuts were (obviously) a HUGE hit with young and old as they ate them faster than the machine could produce them for a while!  I’m STILL hearing about these donuts from everyone that was there…

Thank you also for the “signed hat” for Allie’s scrapbook, what a fun memory THAT will be!

Thanks again for a wonderful evening!

Linda and Steve W.


Hi Stan,

Fantastic!  I came over towards the end of the party and tried a donut, they were just totally fantastic!

I definitely will be using you again.  I like the way you do business.

Thank you for everything,

Fondly, Andrea



We got WONDERFUL comments about the donuts and how cute the bags were! I loved the look of the bag…your ‘winging it’ was absolutely perfect.

Thank you for helping to make the occasion especially sweet!



Hi Stan,

Your donuts were a huge hit! I hope you can do my younger daughter’s party when the time comes.

Thanks again!!!!



Donut Man Stan and Chinh-

Thank you SO much for your donuts & service at our 25th Anniversary Party! We really enjoyed your business & LOVED the donuts. Hope you had a great time!

Rock on, Sam (Cooperative Home Care)


Thanks so much, Stan.

You were the first person I booked and everyone is thrilled you are coming!!

Madhavi K, MD


Stan –

I would shout it from the highest mountain: YOU are the best! Having you at my daughter’s graduation party was the hit of the entire evening. Your set up: the machine, the table of toppings, the beautiful display and serving dishes and the plethora of toppings were as beautiful to the eye as they were delicious to the tummy! The parents and kids alike loved talking with you as you made the doughnuts. It was as if you provided entertainment as well as a unique and gourmet treat. Please feel free to post this on a billboard! Donut Man Stan is a Hall of Famer in my book! Right up there with the other Stan (Musial) who St. Louisans love dearly!

Suzanne E.